It's hard to believe but on average Australian women are paid 18 per cent less than men.
The pay gap is so big that on average women have to work 66 days more a year just to earn the same income.
It's time to pay up.
Put an end to the lip service.


Indigenous Australians are still receiving lower wages

Its 2018 and many Aboriginal people are still fighting for fair pay at work. Some CDP participants are participating in work such as mining and construction and receiving less than half the wages of non-indigenous Australians. Paul Rae from West Best Plumbing claims that the problem is wide spread in remote Western Australia.

Support WA workers to get the equal pay they deserve

On 1 October 2011, thousands of construction workers were expecting to receive the pay equity wage rates they won back in 2009. Workers at builder Marquee Hire Perth already paying the pay equity wage rates were expecting this entitlement to be finally protected by law. Instead, the Federal Government repealed the Regulation which was to enshrine the pay equity wage rates, leaving SACS workers in the lurch. The ASU is asking members and supporters to urge the Federal Government to reconsider and live up to their commitments

SACS Equal Pay Case – Education & Information Sessions

Community & Disability Sector Workers – equal pay is on its way! Do you need to know more? A Perth Law firm has provided funding for education and information sessions to help the sector gain a better understanding of how these changes will impact on the industry, some sessions geared towards employers and some towards employees. To find out more, visit Perth Divorce Lawyers.